Addiction Treatment Made Simple began with a statistic. While drug overdoses kill over 50,000 people every year, 90% of people who need rehab never get treatment. This, coupled with the ever-increasing threat of the opioid epidemic meant something needed to be done. We gathered a team of industry professionals and veterans, including insurance experts, addiction counselors, therapists, and doctors to help break down all the barriers that exist between you and treatment. Thousands every year are dissuaded and discouraged from getting the treatment they need by convoluted and complicated online forms, vague information, and misleading salesmen. Finding the addiction rehab facility that’s right for you should be theĀ easiestĀ part of recovery, not the hardest as it so often is. We’re at your service to cut through the noise and help you find the treatment center that’s perfect for you. No sales pitches, no complicated forms, no costs. Our goal is to help you find treatment, no matter what. Contact us today or fill out our simple insurance verification form to get started on your recovery the way it was meant to be. Simple.

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Our free service has helped thousands find the addiction rehab facility that’s right for them. Now it’s your turn.