Drug Addiction: How Does It Affect Your Brain?

It is helpful for more people to be aware of how a drug addiction does affect the brain. Even if you have been abusing drugs and haven’t experienced these things yet, that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to happen. Sometimes certain side effects of an addiction to drugs happen immediately, others happen shortly after starting the addictive lifestyle and other effects may take years. Abusing drugs is never safe and eventually, the damage will be done. Learn more today about how an addiction to drugs affects the brain. If you have been abusing drugs, call into the addiction treatment center today.

Loss of Memory

One of the ways a drug addiction can affect the brain is by causing loss of memory. This might be short-term memory loss, but it could also be long-term memory loss as well. This is one of those side effects that vary greatly from one person to the next. Your memory is a very important thing. It keeps track of all the special times you have had in your life. Losing those memories doesn’t feel very good. If you have become addicted to drugs or just started abusing them, contact the addiction rehab center right away.

Minor to Major Mood Swings

A drug addiction can also cause minor to major mood swings. This could vary from one addict to the next as well. If you have become addicted to drugs, you might experience minor mood swings throughout the day. They might just happen randomly throughout the month. However, you could also experience larger mood swings. You may start yelling at your children all the time or arguing with other loved ones too. Even if you don’t experience these yet, they very well could happen.

Making Unhealthy Choices

Abusing drugs in the first place is unhealthy. However, a drug addiction can cause you to make even more unhealthy choices. Many drug addicts have unprotected sex. They may steal from loved ones and stores. Some drug addicts don’t eat for days on end. If you have already been making unhealthy choices because of the addiction to drugs, now is the time to turn your life around and get addiction treatment.

These are some of the ways that a drug addiction can affect your brain. Don’t let any more damage be done. You can turn your life back around and get into recovery starting right here today.